This page provides an overview of state-level issues, legislation, and advocacy efforts that pertain to mental health and the provision of mental health care. Note that some state-level issues are also National-level in scope, such as the Counseling Compact.

Summer 2022 Update


MEMHCA is proud and thankful to be able to announce that Maine has number 7 of the first 10 states to join the National Counseling Compact. Jeri Stevens spearheaded advocacy efforts, collaborating with colleagues and official at state and federal levels. The legislative MEMHCA legislative committee (Jeri Stevens, Bethany Leavitt, Alexander Katopis) along with our legislative sponsor, Jay McCreight, were the driving force behind the realization of this achievement. This will have far reaching benefits, and create major positive changes, for the LCPC profession and those in need of care.

The Interstate Counseling Compact allows all Clinical Mental Health Counselors who practice in any of the states who do sign this legislation into law at the state level to be able use their professional licensure (in Maine it is called an LCPC) either through in-person service or through tele-health (virtual-online) service within any other states who also join this compact. This bill would increase our ability to establish and maintain essential ongoing and preventative care/service to clients who are facing disproportionately high levels of mental health concerns and stress due to the need for relocation or displacement. Common reasons for this include: 

  • Covid-19, 
  • Climate change, 
  • Attending college out-of-state, 
  • Financial crisis or chronic poverty, 
  • Military/veteran status (including families of military/veteran members), 
  • Extenuating personal/family circumstances, and various social and/or economic burdens of many kinds.

MEMHCA’s Letter of Endorsement to the Council for State Governments for Counseling Compact

Example of a letter written to legislators if you are looking for general guidelines: Letter to Senators and Representative to Support to Counseling Compact

Written testimony presented for the hearing for the Counseling Compact in the Maine legislature

To see the official Maine state legislation/bill that follows the template for all states who sign the Compact into law, CLICK HERE.

Detailed outline of key provisions and guidelines of the Counseling Compact, CLICK HERE