MEMHCA will advertise job postings, therapy groups, research, trainings, consultation groups, or other opportunities for a fee of $50 per posting. Advertisements can be communicated via MEMHCA’s email list and social media. This service is free for members.

MEMHCA Data Collection and Research Request Statement

MEMHCA will thoroughly review all requests for promotion of research and data collection for approval. All research and data collection requests will be reviewed in accordance with the American Mental Health Counselor Association’s code of ethics (

This process will require confirmation of IRB approval and/or supporting documentation regarding affiliation with professional organizations. Additional information may be required regarding the scope and intent of the research or data collection.

As a reminder, MEMHCA supports active research opportunities that promote the growth of the mental health counseling profession. Research and data collection requests that are shared are not a reflection of MEMHCA’s support of any organization or university associated with the request.

Please reach out to [email protected] with requests or questions.