MEMHCA Virtual Training

Thank you John Yasenchak, Ed.D, LCPC, LADC for joining us!

MEMHCA Webinar Series PresentsWho’s in the Room?Technology, Counseling and the Future with AIPresenter:  Presented by John Yasenchak, Ed.D., LCPC, LADCFriday, March 1, 2024 / Live-Webinar / 1:00 PM ( ET ) – 3:00 PM ( ET )
Who’s in the Room?Ethics is the systematic application of principles that help us make decisions about “right” or “wrong” action. Ethical deliberation, however, is based upon assumptions regarding human nature. Technology is a tool that has expanded our vision of human nature. Technological advances in artificial intelligence, algorithmic programming, apps, and robotics will not only impact our vision of human nature but will increasingly influence professional ethical deliberation. These advances are often pushed forward by historical events, such as the current pandemic. As we move through studies of intelligence, artificial intelligence, and ultimately “superintelligence”, how will our appetite for technology impact our understanding of nature and action in our helping professions? Will our ethical standards keep pace with rapidly changing social developments? In this workshop, we will briefly review the history of digital ethics standards in counseling. But we also discuss the impact of post-human technological philosophy on ethics, centering on the importance of remembering to ask, “What Does It Mean to Be a Person”? Participants who successfully complete this webinar will:Review history of current ethical standards regarding technologyBecome familiar with current trends in AI as applied to helping professionsExamine their own assumptions regarding “personhood”Reflect on their own relationship to technology.