Counseling Compact

Maine has become the seventh of 10 states needed to enact the Counseling Compact— an interstate compact, or a contract among states, allowing professional counselors licensed and residing in a compact member state to practice in other compact member states without the need for multiple licenses. In April 2022, Governor Mills signed Maine House Paper 1427 into law, reaching another major milestone for the initiative.

Quick Facts about the Counseling Compact

In the fall of 2018, the ACA Governing Council authorized more than $600,000 to solely fund the initiative led by The National Center for Interstate Compacts.
Once ten states have enacted the legislation, The Counseling Compact will go into effect.
The Compact will enable professional counselors who meet uniform licensure requirements to quickly obtain a privilege to practice, which is equivalent to a license to practice counseling in another state.
The Counseling Compact will allow licensed professional counselors to practice across state lines – both telehealth and in-person – and will increase client access, facilitate continuity of care when clients relocate, and promote cooperation among states in areas of licensure and regulation.

Recent Progress on the Counseling Compact

In addition to enactment in Georgia, Maryland, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, Utah and now Maine, Counseling Compact legislation has been introduced in 20 states, and there is an additional state where the legislation is currently being drafted.