MEMHCA is a branch of the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), supporting LCPCs and clinical counselors with education, advocacy, leadership and collaboration.

MeMHCA & Clinical Mental Health Counselor’s Values

  • Counselors approach mental health from a wellness (rather than an illness) perspective.
  • Counselors believe that most mental health problems are related to a person’s developmental stage in life and therefore are transitory in nature.
  • Counselors value prevention of mental health problems and early intervention when possible.
  • Counselors strive to empower clients to live independently and help them avoid becoming reliant on counseling services.

Our Mission

  • Promoting the professionalism of clinical mental health counselors in the State of Maine through the application of professional standards of practice of the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA);
  • Providing ongoing professional development, training, and educational activities for clinical mental health counselors;
  • Serving as a resource of ideas and information relevant to clinical mental health counselors;
  • Educating the public regarding mental health issues, clinical counseling and MEMHCA’s role in these endeavors.
  • Promoting academic and professional standards for clinical licensure in the State of Maine; and
  • Consulting and coordinating with other related professionals in order to better serve the needs of clients, their communities, and the State of Maine. MEMHCA shall have all of the powers necessary to carry out the foregoing purposes and all the powers of nonprofit corporations organized under the laws of the State of Maine.